Hike for a Cause Fundraiser

Raise Funds to Get Youth Outdoors!

Photo of Mount Langley

Are you looking for an adventure paired with a path to good karma?  Are you and a group of friends looking for an exciting way to give back to the community?  Does the idea of FREE gear sound good to you?  Is your company looking to invest in a good cause?  Plan your retreat with LAWT, and you will be guided on a 4 day trek up to the peak of a mountain! The proceeds of this program are used to keep our doors open, train adult youth workers (teachers, people who work for after-school programs, etc.) to lead their kids hiking, car camping, and backpacking, and our Gear Library is there to supply FREE  gear for their kids and their trips.

Session 1: Cucamonga Peak

Cucomonga Peak sits at 8,858 ft. Offering breathtaking views of the Inland Empire, this single day trek is a great option for those who are daunted by the elevations of the other peaks. With an 11 mile trail loop and elevation gain of 4,300 ft, this peak will certainly give you a run for your money.

Session 2: Mount Baldy

Known to some as Mount San Antonio, Baldy sits at an elevation of 10,069 ft. The trail is just over 10 miles long and the trail gains 3,900 ft in height. This classic trail is a must-do for every SoCal hiking enthusiast.

Session 3: San Gorgonio

Also known as Old Greyback, San Gorgonio sits at 11,403 ft in elevation and requires an elevation gain of 5,840 ft. Since this mountain is the tallest in Southern California, this session is an overnight trip during which we will camp midway down the mountain. Most of the trail is forested and beautiful especially along Vivian Creek. Fundraisers who opt for this session should be prepared for a backcountry camping.

Once you have decided to register for the Hike for a Cause Fundraiser, you will work to find sponsors that will help you reach your goal of either $1,000 or $2,000. Raising funds is completely achievable, and LAWT will provide a HFAC Fundraising Packet full of tips to assist you in your fundraising efforts such as: how to use social media effectively, fundraiser email templates, fundraiser events, and etc. Come to a Discovery Session to go over the details of your trip which includes a tour of LAWT’s free Gear Library (which you will be fundraising to support), as well as a preview of the gear that you will receive once you have reached your goal!

As a thank you for your fundraising efforts, participants who raise $2,000 will receive:

-Osprey Backpack

-Leki Trekking Poles

-Princeton Tec Headlamp

-Luci Solar Lantern

-GSI Mess Kit

-LAWT T-shirt

Male ospreysan backpack 2female osprey

Participants who raise $1,000+ will receive:

-Princeton Tec Headlamp

-GSI Mess Kit

-Luci Solar Lantern

-a LAWT T-shirt

If you or anyone you know might be interested in taking on this challenge, please let Chelsea know at chelsea@lawildernesstraining.org. The Hike for a Cause Fundraiser is great for companies or individuals who are looking to give back and having a great experience doing it!

Session 1:

Trip: August 12th

Application Deadline: June 1st


Session 2:

Trip: August 19th

Application Deadline: June 1st


Session 3:

Pre-trip Meeting: August 22

Trip: August 26th – 27th

Application Deadline: June 1st

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Trek Training:

Scaling a mountain is not for the faint of heart. It takes forethought and endurance. For this reason we will be hosting training hikes beforehand.

These hikes will be located at:

May 13: Inspiration Point………………Elevation: 4,714 ft, Elevation Gain: 2,740 ft

June 7: Mount Baden-Powell………. Elevation: 9,406 ft, Elevation Gain: 2,818 ft

Aug 6: Mount Wilson………………….Elevation 5,710 ft, Elevation Gain: 4,200 ft


Recommended hikes:

Beginner: The Bridge to Nowhere…….Elevation: 2,770 ft, Elevation Gain: 900 ft

Intermediate: Mount Lowe……………….Elevation: 5,604 ft, Elevation Gain: 1,206 ft

Advanced: San Bernardino………………Elevation 10,649 ft. Elevation Gain: 4,702 ft

Advanced: Mount San Jacinto………….Elevation:10,649 ft., Elevation Gain: 4,689 ft


Note: For those of you who wish to hike San Gorgonio, we highly recommend hiking San Bernardino or Mount San Jacinto. This will both help you get used to elevation and help prevent altitude sickness, while also preparing you to hike the mountain with the weight of a backpack.





Mount Langley: Photo cred to Beth and Keith’s Excellent Adventures Blog

Cucamonga Peak: Photo cred to Hiking Guy

Mount San Antonio: Photo Cred to James W. Young

San Gorgonio: Photo taken from maplogs.com