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Many organizations lack the resources to offer outdoor programs. High-quality gear is expensive to buy, house, and repair. LAWT solves this problem by providing youth workers with free and unlimited access to our extensive shared gear library in order to outfit their youth on camping and backpacking excursions.

We have a wide variety of equipment for your next hiking or camping adventure. If you have taken a Wilderness Leadership Training and wilderness first aid course, you will be granted full access to our shared gear library. If you have only taken a Camping Course or WLT, you will have access to everything except backpacks. If you would like to borrow gear for your group, please fill out the Gear Request Form and send it to

If you have not taken the LAWT courses and will not take kids out necessarily, please see the Gear Rental page for rental rates and fees.

Please send the Gear Request Form as an Excel attachment, NOT as a Google doc or a pdf. This allows us to transfer it into our Gear Database and keep track of everyone who is borrowing gear at one time. It’s our way of making sure not to promise more than we have.


Gear Pick Up & Drop Off:

1.) You must designate a pick up/drop off time at least 24 hours in advance.

We are available Monday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday from 1 pm to 4:30 pm and by appointment.

2.) Only certified LAWT trainees may have access to the gear library, and we request that the same person does the pick up and drop off. In the case that the LAWT Leader is unable to attend the drop off, another adult may drop off the gear at the cost of a $50 fee. LAWT members are trained how to navigate the Gear Library and returns take longer when the person isn’t trained.

3.) After taking your kids out using our gear, please fill in our LAWT Trip Report and return it to before or at the beginning of your drop off. Photos and testimonials are also greatly appreciated!  This feedback is essential for keeping our doors open for the kids that need our services.

We are always looking for new donations to add to our gear library, so if you have anything to donate we would love to hear from you! Please email We’d also like to thank our current partners who have been elemental in generating our gear library.

The Ten Essentials

For a Day Hike, You definitely want to bring these things.  If you are leading a group, think about how many of each item you want throughout the group.  Like, for water and food, each person should have at least a liter or 2 of water, and at least a snack.

Check out

The most important is a map and the knowledge of how to read it.  And Wilderness First Aid knowledge and gear. Don’t just have the stuff,  know how to use it.  Taking Wilderness First Aid trains you to be less likely to use it.  If you even see the defecation heading toward the oscillation, you can keep it from ever hitting it.

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Here are pictures of some of the gear we have available:

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