FLT Testimonial

One of our FLT participants thought it would be beneficial for potential participants of our trainings to get more information on what to expect on the training. Here is her description.

Frontcountry Leadership Training (FLT) is more than a run-through of LAWT resources and camping skills; it immerses future camp leaders in the very experience they aim to create with youth and provides hands-on learning. Moreover, the small-group training fosters productive partnerships among youth workers. Teaching not only came from the LAWT instructors, but also from the participants themselves. I appreciated how instructors consistently invited us to contribute what we knew and did well. We swapped activity ideas, anecdotal solutions to problems, general outdoor knowledge, and even chilling fireside stories! LAWT provided a comprehensive learning experience ┬áthat was fun and down-to-earth…all without making our camping trip feel stilted or overwhelming.

During the training, you will: learn what is available for borrowing and how to properly set up, use, care for, and deconstruct items; share valuable team-building and closure activities; navigate with topographic maps and a compass; collaboratively build a fire and prepare meals; practice Leave-No-Trace principles; prepare for possible health and safety issues; and exercise your team leadership skills.
Overall, FLT was an eye-opener to the opportunities for community-building and personal growth camping creates for youth. I can’t wait to bring this experience back to the youth I work with!

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