FLT graduate taking her kids out

Soon after her FLT training, one of our trainees was inspired to take her kids out. They had an amazing experience. Here are some testimonials from their adventures.
“I really enjoyed the camping trip. The camping trip was really fun. We did lots of fun activities. We played games. We ate food. We went for a walk, etc. But what I really liked about the trip is having to spend time with people we don’t really spend time with. But next time I know to bring a blanket. In conclusion, I really liked this trip.
P.S. I would really love to do this again!”

“So camping was very  fun and I would love to do it again. It was fun because when we first got there we set up some big tents. Next we ate lunch then we walked like 3 miles to the lake. That was fun because we really got to bond with each other. After we left the lake me and my friend Julian ran back to the campground by choice. When we got back we had hamburgers and hot dogs waiting for us and it was really good. Next we waited for it to become dark and we made a fire and we ate smores. When we went to sleep in the tents, that was a lot of fun because I got to spend more time with my friends. The whole trip was really fun because I got to be with my friends. Thank You!”


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