What We Do

LAWT is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that offers multiple trainings throughout the year teaching adults the skills necessary to lead a group of youth on a camping or backpacking trip. We use time-tested methods of teaching and use hands-on learning to make the courses fun and digestible.

Please go to our Trainings & Workshops page to check the dates of our upcoming training sessions, or RSVP to our next Discovery Session to go over the details and see our Gear Library in person!

LAWT also offers an extensive range of camping and hiking gear available FREE of charge to those who have completed one of our trainings and proven their safe camping practices. We also offer high quality, low-cost gear rentals for those who have not completed our training. Click here to visit our Gear Library page for more information on how to borrow gear.

We are excited to bring this concept to the Los Angeles area. There are only a few other organizations in the country following this model. The Youth Opportunities Program (YOP) serving New York & Boston, Bay Area Wilderness Training (BAWT) serving the San Francisco Bay Area, and the Washington Trails Association in Washington State are just a few organizations united through the Outdoors Empowered Network with the goal of getting youth unplugged and outside.